Catspot Litter Review

Lightweight. Natural. Clean. Catspot litter is hands-down, one of the best cat litter that we have tested thus far. It has all the elements of a clean, organic cat litter and comes with little to no smell! In our Catspot litter review, we will go over the different pros and cons of this brand and why you should try one out.

As a proud cat spot litter owner alongside many other different brands that we have tried for our cat, this brand worked the best for us. It was easy to carry from the front porch where it was delivered from Amazon, and didn’t cause a big smell in our home. We could also recycle the litter in our backyard when we were done with the litter as well – which helps the environment alongside our plants!

What is cat spot litter made of?

This brand is known for its 100% coconut cat litter slogan. This article isn’t a coconut cat litter review, but coconut is one of the best ingredients for natural cat litter, hands down. This is because coconut smells nice, is clean, has almost no residue, and is renewable. The most important reason as to why this brand is one of the best natural cat litter is mostly because of the ingredient – coconut.


Let’s start with the best pro. The best feature about this litter is that it comes with zero chemicals. A lot of the litter that is out on the market today that is advertised to be a budget-friendly option are filled to the brim in chemicals. When our family was testing out some budget-friendly brands, we noticed strange smells coming from the litter box. We washed the litter box out and noticed that the litter left behind a strange, green-colored liquid.

After this experience, we decided to only use cat litter that had zero chemicals and no additional fragrances. Cat spot litter comes with zero chemicals with zero fragrances, leaving the ingredients of the product to produce smell for themselves. This is a pro in itself, as the natural smell helps our cat feel comfortable with using the litter box.

Another pro about this product is that it is very lightweight. This means that you no longer have to lug the litter bag around your home once it’s delivered and you won’t have to struggle with pouring the litter inside your litter box. When our family used other brands, we always struggled with pouring the litter since we needed at least 2 people to hold the bag, but with this brand, we could easily do it ourselves.

Lastly, this product is completely renewable. Once you are done with the litter, you can pour it onto any plot of soil and it will be naturally absorbed. This means more nutrients for your backyard plants, and less toxic cat litter in our landfills!


Not everything is 100% great about this product, however. The one biggest con we have about this product is that it isn’t clumping. Clumping is a feature that is added to cat litter to make it easy to spot the used cat litter and to scoop out only the used litter. Without clumping, you’ll have to guess where to scoop out and most of the time, you’ll also be scooping out completely clean litter. However, the reason why this product doesn’t have clumping is because some chemicals have to be used to add this feature. As catspot is known to be organic cat litter, clumping isn’t a feature that is added.

Catspot litter – Where to buy

If you are looking to purchase this litter, which we highly recommend, Amazon is your best option. This is because there is a very low chance that you’ll find this brand at your local pet store and if you do, it’ll be at a much higher price than Amazon. Amazon can help you find the lowest price for this brand and can also deliver it to you in just 2 days with Prime shipping compared to Catspot’s official site where shipping may take several more days.

We don’t have any catspot coupons because we use Amazon and not their official site to purchase our goods, but if we do find catspot litter coupons, we will post them here, so come back often!


We highly recommend that you try out and get yourself a bag of catspot litter today. By reading our catspot litter review, you now know of its natural, organic ingredients, how light it is, and the benefits it will bring to you and to your cat. It may not be the best for everyone since each cat has preferences, but if you don’t try it out, how will you know? Give it a go and tell us how it went in the comments below.

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