Integrity Cat Litter Review

When looking for cat litter online, it can be difficult to know if the cat litter leaves a trail, doesn’t mask odor well, or if it clumps litter well. It can also be difficult to know if a premium brand is really worth the amount they are asking for. However, after we tested out Integrity, we never looked back. After reading our Integrity cat litter review, you will wonder why you ever shopped for cat litter!

Why Integrity?

We decided to try out Integrity cat litter because we were done with low quality, budget brands and wanted to dabble with premium, high-quality litter brands for our cat, Hazelnut. After testing out a couple different brands, Integrity stood out among the rest because of its budget-friendly price and high-quality ingredients and features. We also loved that it was made with 100% natural clay and was great at controlling odor. Compared to other brands that were almost double the price of this one, Integrity stood its ground which is why we have decided to review and recommend this product to you today.

Benefits of using Integrity Litter

There were a lot of reasons why we decided to recommend Integrity Litter to you today, but we have chosen a select couple that stood out to us the most. First, we wanted to point out that this cat litter is made with natural clay. This means that if your cat is allergic, it won’t be affected by this litter because of its organic feature. If you try out any other brand, it most likely uses artificial ingredients that your cat may likely be allergic to. By using a brand that uses organic ingredients like Integrity does, you will no longer have to worry about this at all.

Next, this brand showed improvements in dust tracking compared to other brands that we tested out and also clumped much nicer. This makes it easier to scoop and clean up every few weeks and also works incredibly well with automatic cat litter boxes as well. Connecting back to the point about price, although this brand may be a bit more premium-priced than cheap cat litter brands, it may be cheaper to work with Integrity because of how easier this litter clumps. This is because the better a litter clumps, the longer the litter will last, making a bag of Integrity litter last much longer than a bag of a cheaper brand.

Lastly, we loved that we never had to experience muddy litter in our litter box. With some cheaper brands, muddy litter wasn’t a rare sight and it was always disgusting and annoying to clean up as the purpose of litter was to prevent a lake of urine from building up. With Integrity, all the waste will be soaked up into little clumped balls to be scooped up and cleaned with ease.


After reading out Integrity cat litter review, we hope that you make the choice to move to a premium, budget-friendly brand that will make your life so much easier. If you want to save time looking for litter and have one favorite brand to always purchase, Integrity should be the one. We hope that you try out this brand today and tell us how it goes in our comments below!

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