Orijen Regional Red Cat Food Review

Healthy cat food is hard to come by these days, and on the other hand, quality ones are too expensive for the average consumer like us.

However, some brands offer cat food that is made with fresh meat, fresh ingredients, and with budget in mind. Such brand is Orijen.

Although their price range is on the higher side for normal cat food, it is quite budget-friendly on the premium cat food price scale. Especially if you are buying in bulk, you can expect to save a lot of money for some great cat food.

What is Orijen Regional Red?

Orijen has a variety of products in its line featuring different ingredients in each variety. Each variety is labeled with a color and this specific food we are reviewing today is “Red” for red meat.

Inside the food, you’ll find six main ingredients that were delivered fresh to Orijen’s facilities. This allows your cat to enjoy food that is fresh, tasty, and healthy all in one.

One of the main reasons why this brand’s pricing is a bit  higher than average cat food brands is because of the way the meat is stored and preserved. 2/3 of the total meat supply is refrigerated for freshness (not frozen) or raw frozen (flash-freezing). This keeps the meat fresh, tasty, and healthy.

What are the ingredients?

The six meats that are included are:

  • Angus Beef
  • Wild Boar
  • Boer Goat
  • Romney Lamb
  • Yorkshire Pork
  • Wild-Caught Mackerel

These meats will provide all the nutrients that your cat will need for a balanced diet (excluding zinc). This means that no artificial ingredients or preservatives will be added to the food, allowing your cat to stay healthy and avoid diseases that other brands may entail.

One con about this formula is that there are vegetables in the ingredients. Although this may not sound that bad, cats are normally carnivores and not vegetable eaters. That’s why it is much better to provide your cat with cat food that is made from only meat and nothing else, as that is the most natural formula. However, the amount of veggies inside this formula is very minimal so it shouldn’t be much of an issue to your pet’s diet.

Where can I buy it?

If you are convinced to try out this today after reading our Orijen Regional Red cat food review, then you can find this product on Orijen’s website, local pet stores, or Amazon.

We highly recommend that you purchase this product from Amazon as you can save money, get free shipping through Prime, and avoid long shipping delays.

Check it out here.

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