Precious Cat Litter Review

Cat litter is more often than not, a hassle to deal with. As a cat owner, I know the struggles of cat litter, such as the radiating smell and mess it creates on my floor. However, after you read our Precious cat litter review, you will have a solution to deal with your problems.

After starting to use Precious in our household, we got rid of 99% of our smell problems and was also able to reduce a lot of litter tracking that was often a huge issue. We hope that after you read our review, you will no longer have to deal with a lot of problems that come with cat litter.

Why Precious Cat Litter?

We recommend Precious because of it is one of the more affordable, high quality cat litter that is available on the market today. As there are a lot of litter that is affordable, but very low quality, it can be hard to find the right one that works to your needs. After testing out tens of different brands of cat litter, we found that Precious was one of the best ones in this price range. If you have a higher budget, other, better options are available, but this one is the best in the $10~$25 price range.

Benefits of Precious Litter

The best part about Precious is that it is 99.9% dust free, allowing you to no longer have to worry about cat litter being everywhere. By reducing the amount of dust tracking, you are also reducing the amount of smell radiating around as well because the smell comes from the litter particles of cat litter being everywhere. Another benefit of this cat litter is the ability to hard clump. This feature is great because it makes the cleanup process of cat litter so much easier. When you are cleaning your cat litter box, the litter that needs cleaning will stay clumped in hard, little balls, making it easier to spot and easier to scoop up and clean up. As it is in a hard clumped state, it won’t crumble when scooping and will also keep all the smell inside as well.

Some products on the market today aren’t well suited for automatic or sifting cat litter boxes. However, Precious is great for this purpose. Because of its ability to stay clumped and have low tracking allows it to be automatically cleaned with an automatic litter box and be sifted without breaking apart and releasing tons of smell.


By reading our Precious cat litter review, we hope that you have gained a new understanding of the advantages of using this brand. As we started saving tons of time after switching to this brand, we hope that you can try it out as well and save a lot of your time as well. Try it out today and tell us how it goes in the comments below!

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