Top 5 Sturdiest Cat Trees


Cats LOVE cat trees. It allows them to climb to their hearts extent, be the highest they can be, and gives them a comfortable, safe place to sleep. However, a weak cat tree can be both dangerous and uncomfortable for the cat. This is why you need a sturdy, high quality cat tree. In this article, you will learn about the best sturdiest cat trees you can buy, so that you can buy the best for your pet.

What To Look Out For

In a cat tree, there are a couple of things to look out for – especially one that is made to be extra sturdy

  1. Quality – If a quality of a tree is sub par, then it won’t be able to support the weight of your cat. This can cause the tree to wobble whenever your cat tries to climb it. To be able to provide stability, cat trees will often use materials that are strong, allowing you to see if the tree is stable or not depending on the materials.
  2. Price – Checking the price of a cat tree is often a great indicator of whether your tree is stable or not. This is because the cheaper, budget-friendly cat trees will be made of cheaper materials and a weak build. This is why most of the trees that we will be recommending below today will be a bit more expensive than the average tree.
  3. Height & Base – Tall trees are a lot harder to keep stable for obvious reasons. However, if you are still looking for a tall tree regardless of stability, then we recommend that you look for a tree with a wider base so that it can still remain stable, even though it is tall. This will take more space in your home, however.

5 Best Sturdy Cat Trees

Below, we will review five trees that we highly recommend that you check out. They are one of the best sturdiest trees you can find in our opinion.

1) SONGMICS 56″ Multi-Level Cat Tree

Although it comes with a price tag that most would not pay for a cat tree, we highly recommend this cat tree to anyone looking for the sturdiest cat tree. This is because this is one of the best that you can find because of its quality, its build, its stability, and its features.

This SONGMICS tree comes with several different compartments such as its condo and hammock that your cat can use to sleep and play around in. It also has a luxurious design that can blend in well with any home. The cat tree also comes with scratching posts and toys that any number of cats can use at once!

This cat tree comes with more than two levels, making it a good fit for homes with more than one cat. However, the best part about this cat tree is its stability. Made with particle boards and a stable base, this cat tree will be able to support several large cats. While other cheap quality trees will start to wobble with cats jumping around it, this tree will stay stable and give your cats the sense of safety.

Although the price of this product may not fit everyone’s budget, we highly recommend that you get it if it does. You won’t regret it.

2) New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower

This cat tree is the most expensive on our list, but there is a very good reason why. It is produced in the USA and is made with solid wood. What’s so great about solid wood you might ask? Solid wood gives the best stability out of any other material and is all-natural. This means that your cat will feel right at home and will feel comfortable on the cat tree that is made out of an actual tree.

With four perches, this can easily support multiple large cats and will stay stable with cats jumping all around it. The color of this tree is a common color that is used in many households, allowing it to fit in anywhere. This means that even if you move around a lot, you will be able to take this cat tree along with you and it won’t look out of place in your new home.

The one con about this cat tree is that it only comes with one additional feature other than the perches. It comes with one scratching post near the base which is often enough if you have toys laying around your home anyway.

We highly recommend that you check our this product if it fits into your budget and you don’t need any additional toys to come alongside the cat tree. If you have the budget for it, investing into a high quality, all-natural wooden cat tree such as this one will save you more money in the long run, as you won’t have to replace this tree for quite some time.

3) Go Pet Club Cat Tree 72″

Securing the tallest tree in this list, Go Pet Club is a brand that is known for its budget-friendly, sturdy cat trees. If you don’t have a high enough budget to be able to afford the options above, this one isn’t a bad choice either. It comes with a variety of different features, two color choices, and can support many cats at once.

This cat tree has many features and points of interest, making it a very popular option among cat owners who have multiple cats in their household. Its beige and black color choices also makes it a good candidate for those that want their cat trees to blend in well with their house theme.

The one con about this product is that it is very tall, making it much more viable to wobble compared to the shorter trees. However, this brand has done quite a good job at making it stable considering how tall it is. We recommend that you still give this cat tree a try, even if you are looking for a stable tree, as it won’t wobble unless there are multiple cats jumping around on it at once.

4) EliteField Cat Tree

If you have a rather small budget for your cat tree, then an EliteField cat tree may be for you. This brand offers a wide variety of sizes and shapes for you to choose from that fits your preferences and budget. If you want a taller option, then you will have to dish out a couple more dollars, but if you want to stay within a budget range, then you will also have several options as well.

This brand doesn’t offer a lot of features, but gives you what you need in a cat tree – height and perches for your cat to jump/sleep on. It is also made with faux fur to give it a cozy look and to give your cat a comfortable sleeping experience.

The polls that support the perches also double as scratching posts, so if this is a feature that you are looking in a cat tree to save space and money, this is the tree for you. However, this cat tree is made with pressed wood as its bottom board, which is a bit inferior to the solid wood that is used in the New Cat Trees brand, but it still works fine if you are okay with a little bit of wobbling.

5) FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture

With a wide variety of different color options to fit any household, FurHaven cat trees are one that you shouldn’t sleep on. With a ton of features and compatible with any cat size, this tree is a great choice for those with an average budget for their cat tree.

It comes with several levels of perches, dangling trees, scratching posts, and condos for both small and large cats! We highly recommend this for those looking for a sturdy cat tree for large cats because of this feature!

It’s very easy to assemble, easy to clean, and easy to setup anywhere in your home. It is designed to give the tree a comfortable look for your cat and will feel great for your cat as well! We highly recommend that you give this tree a look and see if it is the right choice for you!

Final Verdict

For our verdict, we recommend the SONGMICS 56″ cat tree the most out of all the other trees. This is because the price isn’t too high, the tree itself looks great and comfortable, and comes with a variety of features that your cat can use alongside the perches that it can sleep on. Overall, this cat tree has an even balance of everything you would want and is the our final verdict in our list of the sturdiest cat trees.

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